2014 turned out to be an amazing year of cycling for me. But it didn’t start out that way!

Due to a knee injury (plica syndrome) sustained in late November 2012, I did no cycling at all in January. I only rode 60 miles in the whole of February, plus some turbo-trainer sessions. So I didn’t really get started until March, but my knee was still causing problems well into April. It took off exponentially after that. For example I did 777 miles in May! It looked like the year might end in the same way as it started when I suffered another knee injury (the other knee this time!) midway through November which caused a reduction in rides (and severity) towards the end, but a spate of rides in late December have been successful with my knee seeming to be doing OK.

Total Rides 112
Total Distance (mi) 5373
Total Time (hrs) 370:37:26
Average Speed 14.5 mph
Total Elevation (ft) 304,113
Longest Ride (mi) 156

The Colnago saw most of the action:

Colnago CLX 3.0 di2 3,996 miles
Giant Defy Composite 2 1,378 miles


Rides over 25 mi 81
Rides over 50 mi 52
Rides over 75 mi 15
Rides over 100 mi 8
Rides over 125 mi 2
Rides over 150 mi 1

Here is a heatmap showing where I have been in the South-East (click to view full size)Heatmap

I had loads of great rides, challenges and adventures in 2014. Some of the standout moments were:

… plus loads of great rides with the club, a couple of Sportives and many rides to and along the coast.

I also conquered loads more hills, including:

It looks like 2015 is off to a good start. I notched up 10 PBs on Strava with today’s ride, including FOG (Fastest Old Git – ie over 55) on Fairlawne Park Flypast at an average of 33mph. And I still have a couple of ECs in reserve: 1) I am still recovering from a cold, and 2) I had the bulk and weight of all my winter kit.


Looking forward to 2015.

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