Holdsworth Pro

Just been out on this route and got 3 Personal Bests on Strava, including Yalding Hill.

And now I’m aching.

Nothing much else happened this week, cycling-wise, except on Monday as I was passing a bike shop in Ashford I saw this thing of beauty through the window

holdsworthI literally did a double-take and had to turn around and go back and stare through the window drooling! This was like the dream machine of my youth. I used to have a Holdsworth frame – I even sprayed it orange, but didn’t have the logos on. Used to commute on it in the late 70’s.

Purists would say (and I agree) that the wheels/tyres on this re-issue look too lairy. The A-head stem looks a little unrealistic too I guess but I could live with that, and the carbon forks.

I want one! Now! Of course I’d have to get some retro kit to match!