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  1. Vince, I’m sure I was out with you on the SFA run to Burwash, you had the Giant Composite Defy 2 2012 that I so admired. I managed to track one down, grew a pair and eventually bought it. Only been out in it twice, yesterday with Saturday 9 o’ clock inters and week before, couple of 56 milers. What a cracking bike. Glad I took it yesterday (even though my precious got dirty) I needed that 32 on the back. We did Church Hill at Boughton Monchelsea as a warm up, then a circuit round Hunton, trying to miss flooded roads, that was hard. Then more long testing climbs that had some brutal gradients un announced round tight bends ( think I lost a couple of teeth on the big front cog in a panicky gear change!). Dunloran Park for a coffee and brekkie and back off straight into another hill. Quite a fast ride home with some sneaky tac tics being employed on the sprint; 2 of them kicked down a gear before a junction and leapt off leaving everyone else stranded. I took advantage of their bemusement and carried on too. Didn’t know that you were a South East London boy? I went to school at Aske’s. Looking forward to catching up with you out there, but this is a great blog. Only found it by googling Church Hill gradient and found you ( if it is Vince with the Giant?)

    All the best


    1. Hi Danny,

      Thanks for the comments. Yes, I am he of whom ye speak! I’m glad you got that Giant DC2 in the end. They are great bikes. There’s another young rider in the club who rode with us a couple of weeks ago who has one too. I was out a bit later in the day than you yesterday, but I was riding in roughly the same area, taking in the delights of East Hall Hill and Hunton Hill. Unfortunately the weather got in the way today – I was due to see the Catford Hill Climb at York’s Hill with the Sunday Inters, but the weather put me off! Hope to catch up with you soon.

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