Col du Sabot (aborted)

Distance: 19.5 miles. Elevation: 3422 ft.

Le Collet

2 Replies to “Col du Sabot (aborted)”

  1. Yes you’ll have to go back Vince as the last few miles of Sabot are the best, high, wild and quiet, just the way you like! I also visited Le Collet and the view from the orientation table is surely worth the effort. I went up in my car as I was short on time and energy , the access road was bumpy and littered with small rocks and sticks so I didn’t regret taking the car up.

    1. Thanks Martin for your comment. Yesterday (the day after) it rained all day. I’m intending to re-attempt it today (8th June). It’s currently raining but supposed to be drier later. I’m determined to do it while I’m so close. I’ve done two other good rides from here a few days ago. They’ll be coming to the blog soon!
      And I’ll not be surprised if you have already done them!

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