Shades of China

These are really excellent quality for the price – £13.67 delivered! They come with loads of accessories including 4 interchangeable lenses, including polarised. I love Chinese stuff!


3 thoughts on “Shades of China

  1. Hi Vince, the glasses look very nice, just had a look on line and there are some fir a couple of quid cheaper that ship from Uk. The only thing is they are polarised and I wondered if that was/would be an issue when looking at a bike computer?

    Will you be out tomorrow ( Sunday ) with SFA ? I’m trying to get out of Xmas drinks…… I need my fix, might have to do an early start and drop off….there will be a way.

    • Hi Danny, I wear polarised lenses quite a bit. They are great at cutting out the glare from the road, etc. I don’t remember having any issues reading the Garmin. Although, the last lot I used seemed to be stronger and I was getting a weird effect on some surfaces such as manhole covers.
      I currently intend to go out tomorrow, but will see what the weather looks like (supposed to be dry and windy), and how my knee feels.


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