My First Club Run (for 40 years)

Today I went for a ride with four other cyclists from the San Fairy Ann CC, a well-established cycling club based in Maidstone. It’s the first time I have done a ‘club run’ since I was a boy.  I cycled down to Marden and met the other guys there for 9 AM. The weather was very hot – 28°C, with a light breeze. This was the route:

Chatting as we rode I soon re-learned the etiquette of group riding. We travelled through some glorious countryside and wooded areas as we headed for a garden centre in Crowborough, where we stopped for a coffee. By the time we got there I was dripping, due to a combination of the lumpy ride and the heat. I enjoyed a toasted tea cake while others had a more substantial snack. The other guys were all experienced cyclists and had racked up various major achievements between them including JOGLE, London-Cannes, etc.

For this ride I did actually manage to pace my drinking correctly and I had drunk both bidons by the time I got home. Apart from the tea cake all I had to eat were two fig rolls and about 5 JBs. I found this ride to be tougher than I had expected. I peeled off before the end of the trip and took a less-than-optimal route back from Horsmonden, costing me a couple of extra miles. It would have been a lot easier if I had driven to Marden, thus avoiding Barn Hill on the return.

It was a nice ride through beautiful rolling countryside on a sunny day, in good company – what more could you want?

…except to then be able to watch one of the most exciting tennis matches I’ve seen, as Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic in the Men’s Final at Wimbledon!

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