Freezing Cold

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  1. That sounds like one hell of an experience, Vince! Chalk it up to ‘something done’ and, never to be repeated!

    Pleased to hear you had fun with your mates though, and hope it made the entire experience worthwhile.

    For info – our cold weather’s keeping Doug inside at present; his last bike ride being one day last week, on his electric bike. Yesterday and today we’re enduring, complete with windchill factor, the equivalent of -39, but things will improve by tomorrow or so we’re told! Only around the mid minus twenties!

    Hope your next ride’s a bit warmer than this one.

    Cheers, K x

    1. That is COLD!! Certainly puts our 0°C into perspective. It was being wet that made it miserable though. Never again! (until the next time!)

  2. Fear not Vince, you missed a similar but longer ride today (Sun 14 Jan). 2C when I set off from home in a strong N/E wind. There were 6 of us out including Becky. We set off for Lenham into the wind with occasional drizzle/rain and climbed Hubbards Hill to be met by falling SNOW over the top. Down to Eastling and the first puncture. Becky was by now beginning to look very cold and wet so the two of us set off to the cafe at Bredgar. The others arrived 30 minutes later, freezing, having had to stop for a second puncture. We hung our wet outer gear out in front of a portable heater and it was soon steaming merrily. Curiously no-one was anxious to leave!! A hint of sunshine enticed us back to the road. A third puncture 2 miles later resulted in Becky and I setting off for Sutton Valence and leaving the others. I got home at 2pm after 58 miles, fairly exhausted.


  3. Glad I missed that one! I went out later in the day and had a dry, sunny ride! (still with a strong northerly though)

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