Distance: 34.6 miles. Elevation: 2385 ft.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Jamie. That was my initial thought, considering that the earth rotates 15° every hour (360/24). But I immediately had doubts because the hour lines on a (horizontal) sundial are not at 15° to each other. They vary depending on time of day. So rotating the dial 15° in the plane of the face of the dial would not adjust it by one hour. (More accurately, given that the hour angles range from less than 15° to greater than 15°, there would be one particular time of day when a 15° rotation would adjust by one hour, at that instant, but then the whole dial would be out-of-wack for the rest of the day). The maths gets a bit involved so I’m going to stop thinking about it before my head explodes. Suffice to say I’ll refrain from trying to move any sundials I come across to adjust for summertime!

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