Le Grand Ballon

Distance: 54.6 miles. Elevation: 6,495 ft.

Col du Bockloch | Col de la Vierge | Col de Bramont | Col du Moorfeld | Col du Haag | Geishouse Höh | Col d'Oderen

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4 Replies to “Le Grand Ballon”

  1. Lovely stuff, Vince. The French know how to do cycling and cycle infrastructure so well!
    I’ve been wracking my brains as to where to head in France for a cycling getaway and the Vosges is winning out.

    1. Cheers Ben. Thanks for the comment. There is certainly plenty of excellent cycling to be had around here. If you do come here, be sure to climb to Le Grand Ballon on a clear day and send me some pictures so I can see what I missed!

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