Distance: 57.7 miles. Elevation: 4506 ft.

Col de la Malepère | Col de Lairole | Col de Port | Col de Soult | Col de Gardie | Col du Loup | Col de Limoux | Col d'Al Bosc | Col d'Enterri

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4 Replies to “Limoux”

    1. I’m certainly no expert either – I’ve always wondered if those highlights in the mane are natural. They look too good to be true . . . .

      Thinking about it, a lot of the natural world looks too good to be true.

    1. Thanks Ben.
      I wouldn’t necessarily say ‘favoured’. To be honest I get more enjoyment from my Colnago, but with the GT Grade I know that I’ll be able to more easily tackle unmade roads and steep gradients, both of which featured on this ride. I’ve only had to get off the Grade once due to gradient, and that was on the Super Planche des Belles Filles, but I can blame that on fitness and lack of traction (and anything else I like really!). The SPdesBF is near to where you’ve been in France before I think – you should give it a go!

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