Four Elms 2 (SFA)

Distance: 70.1 miles. Elevation: 3197 ft.

Another club ride with the Sunday Intermediates. It was a cold (8°C) morning with almost no wind. It was a dull, grey day with a mist that ultimately turned to fine rain. The roads were dry though and I took the Colnago.

Due to possibly snoozing my alarm-clock in my sleep, I was very late leaving. So I sprinted to Marden, averaging 19.2 mph. I got there at 08:57.

There were 6 riders out today. We had a good, although uneventful, ride to a garden centre café in Four Elms that was packed with other cyclists. On the way back we got pretty damp, cycling through the fine rain.

When I got back home, I had covered 68 miles so I rode up and down a few times to round it up to 70! Job done!


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