Cured Headset Rattle

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  1. The feeling when you run across a esoteric problem and SOMEONES done all the leg work!

    I have a 2014 CLX 3.0 and there was tightness at the extreme steering range on intial bike. They went through the same police work you did upon encountering road only headset rattle.

    Time to get it fixed!

    1. Yeah, I sort of resigned myself to this happening periodically, although it seems to have been OK for the past few 1000 miles.
      I still love my CLX 3.0! I have a new bottom bracket now – I might blog that soon.

  2. Hi Vince,

    I experienced this exact same problem with my brand new Krypton from Argon 18, glad I stumbled upon your blog, helped me a lot!
    Also, your stem seems to leave marks on the steering tube just like mine (Deda Zero 1). Have you ever experienced problems with that? My LBS tells me not to worry but I’m always paranoid about marks/scratches on CF parts.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Matthieu, I’m glad it helped. I haven’t experienced any problems with the marks. But I think mine has worn slightly loose again after a few more thousand miles, so time to get the tools out again!


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