Colnago CLX 3.0 di2 2013

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  1. Hi,
    Just wondering about the fit of these bikes. What frame size do you have and how tall are you?

    1. Hi, I’m 1.75m tall with 78cm inside leg. I went for the 52cm frame and it’s just right, although I did have get a shorter H/bar stem – 90mm instead of the stock 120mm. I felt slightly too stretched reaching the bars.


      1. Hi,Was just reading your comments.Thanks for posting.I am a little shorter than yourself and also feel I might need a shorter stem on my lovely new 3.0. I have my seat set just about as far forward as It can be.I’m thinking 90mm but when you mention how to measure from seat to bars this must depend on where your seat is set.I’d very much appreciate hearing how you’ve been getting on since changing the stem !

        1. Hi Rob, Sorry for late reply. Gmail had marked all my blog emails as spam – I only just noticed!
          I’m glad you got one! Great bike.
          Yes, the 90mm stem is fine for me. In fact I feel really comfortable on this bike in general. I even like the stock saddle, although I’ve bought another one that I’ll be trying soon.



  2. Hi vince , picked up my clx3.0 in Dec sales in black an fluoro yellow, its a piece of cycling modern art, cycles pretty well too! after reading your blog, i changed the stem and happier with it, I didn’t get on with the prologo saddle so opted for a spez romin evo pro which so far so good. Planning on changing rear cassette to a 11-28 next, did you replace / lengthen chain to accommodate your 12-30 ?

    1. Hi Kevin. Yeah they certainly are beautiful bikes. The 12-30 cassette works with no problems. For a couple of rides I put on a SRAM Apex PG1050 11-32 (while I was waiting for the 12-30 to arrive); the chain couldn’t stretch to cope with big chainring and the 32 rear sprocket, so I made sure that I never used that combination, but other than that, it worked fine. Could be used in an extreme situation once in a while I guess.

      1. Hi guys, I noticed you mentioned you Say you picked your clx’s. Up in the sales.
        Any recommendations on where to get a deal on one?
        Can I ask what you paid?
        Cheers. Russ

        1. Hi Russ, I got mine at Wiggle but I don’t think they have any left now. They were going for £2.5k in the sales for the di2. There are a couple on ebay by the looks. You’ll just have to keep Googling!

  3. Hi Vince went with a 12-27 in the end with a new kmc lightweight chain, also upgraded brake pads to koolstop black as the std shimano pads were a bit hard, all tuned up and ready to go first sportive next weekend. Bike Bought from chain reaction, it’s 105 running gear, last one and got a 50% disc Russ, just lucky. Cycle surgery now selling them.

  4. Just got mine delivered from Merlin cycles!
    managed to get an Ultegra DI2 model for £2499, well chuffed.
    Rides like a dream!

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