Lidl Bike Stand

I was amazed at the weight and quality of this stand for a mere £30.



The height is adjustable and can be quickly locked in place using the blue quick action cam clamps. This also means that it telescopes down to a compact size for storage.

With its four splayed legs the stand is rock steady.



The bike is clamped in place using just one clamp that grips the top tube of the bike frame. The clamp is adjustable so that you can vary the amount of pressure it exerts on your precious machine. Additionally the tubular arm with the clamp on can be extended and retracted from the vertical post of the bike stand. Because of the way it clamps the bike in just one place, the bike itself is not locked solidly in place. So this stand might not be suitable for jobs that need some leverage against the bike, such as fitting or removing pedals. It would be totally OK for general maintenance tasks such as removing the chain, adjusting the dérailleurs, etc.To be honest I bought it mainly for cleaning the bike, and for that it is ideal, other than the fact that I nearly tripped over those outstretched legs as I was moving around the bike!

I was concerned about the possibility of the clamp marking the frame. The clamp has pads to protect against this, and during the time I used it (for cleaning) it didn’t mark the bike. I think I might add another layer of protection between the clamp and the frame though, just to be sure.

clamp4To sum up, this bike stand is well-made, quick to erect and very suitable for fairly lightweight cleaning and maintenance tasks on your bike.



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