La Bérarde

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  1. Thanks for bringing this route to my attention Vince. I rode it today and the views were were amazing! There were some tough sections but the easier sections were more than welcome. Hoping to ride the balcony road and col de sarenne tomorrow. Thanks also for your Grand Ballon post, I will add it to the bucket list!

    1. Thanks for your comment Martin.
      I’m glad you enjoyed La Barade. I rate that ride as one of the most beautiful I’ve done. It feels like you’re really venturing into the heart of the mountains. Reading back through my post I don’t think I got that point over.
      There are so many rides to do from Le Bourg-d’Oisans or Rochetaillée. I have loads still planned and might get to some of them in the next 3 weeks.
      By the way, re. our previous conversation, I’m going to give up on the Col de Charmette this time around, and therefore Charmant Som. The Charmette is closed to all traffic (inc bikes) so I was going to do it on a Sunday so there would be no forest workers around. Anyway things have conspired against it for now.
      Enjoy wherever you go next

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