Hawkhurst Lakes (SFA)

Distance: 62.2 miles. Elevation: 3958 ft.

As I left my house I realised that my knees were hurting, especially the left one. Probably a result of yesterday’s 6,600 feet of climbing. I very nearly turned back to give my knees a rest; the thought of going back to a nice warm bed and reading a cycling magazine was really tempting, instead of suffering out there at 7°C. Then I remembered Rule #5! So I carried on, and my knees gradually stopped hurting the more I used them.

There were 7 riders out today. We took a very roundabout route to Hawkhurst, travelling via Matfield, Bells Yew Green and Wadhurst to get there! It was a much hillier route than I was hoping for and it included the unexpectedly steep Fysie Lane at >15%. We stopped at Hawkhurst Fish Farm for food. Once we were suitably fed and watered and nice and warm, it was time to go out into the cold again and don cold/wet helmets, gloves etc for the homeward journey. The mile-long climb of Mill Street towards Benenden was enough to warm us up again.

An hour and a half later we were back in Marden, by which time the sun was coming out. On my ride home from Marden, I couldn’t face the prospect of Barn Hill, so I cycled 4.3 miles out of my way to get home the ‘easy’ way.

My total mileage for the weekend was 142 miles, with over 10,000 feet of climbing. Not bad!

View towards Wateringbury from Kenward Road
View towards Wateringbury from Kenward Road

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