Greensand Ups and Downs

Distance: 55 miles. Elevation: 5197 ft.

Last year I rode two routes that went up some of the hills on the Greensand Ridge:

Each of those rides incorporated a subset of the hills between Yalding and Ulcombe, between them they covered¬†every climb. For today’s ride I designed a course that would do the whole lot in one day, essentially by riding the same route back, so on the return journey I would be going UP the hills that I went DOWN on the outward leg, and vice versa. I also added a couple more at the eastern end!

It was a lovely sunny day, but a bit chilly at first. I made sure I kept eating and drinking during the ride. Even though I took it at a reasonable pace I managed to beat my previous times on nine of the climbs, including some of the tough ones like Vanity Lane and Westerhill Road.

I noticed that Pleasure House Lane is followed by Workhouse Lane! I guess I did them in the wrong order – you should always have business before pleasure!



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