Distance: 64.7 miles. Elevation: 2511 ft.

It was a beautiful sunny day (hottest of the year so far). The wind direction suggested that I should ride NE so I decided on Whistable, using one of my old routes from last year.

I took my Colnago, after having first fitted the white version of the Selle Italia SLR SuperFlow saddle. There’s not much to say about this ride other than:

  • There was an annoying rattle from the headset the whole ride. It sounds like something has come loose inside the headset?
  • The new saddle was uncomfortable, especially on the return.
  • I’d altered the route to try to take some bike paths near the sea. Never again! They are just too slow and have stairs and things. Stick to roads in future.
  • My arms got sunburnt – idiot!
  • Even though the saddle was painful, I did a good average speed of 18.4 mph over the six miles between Kingswood and Coxheath at the end of the ride, even though the roads were crap. Maybe I was just trying to end the suffering sooner!


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