Gone in 8 seconds

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  1. Great idea to go and see it. It’s not often you get to feel the ground shake beneath you. I like the idea of all the people gathering like a scene from close encounters. I would have thought a rare bird had landed somewhere close by if I had been passing.

  2. Did almost the exact same thing myself. Cycled to Queenborough via Hollingbourne Hill from Coxheath. Got there 10 minutes before the planned demolition time, but actually missed the initial explosives going off. I turned around and the chimney was already half way down. Stopped off at Bredgar Farm Shop on the way home and had a truly massive fry up!

    1. Hey Jimmy, thanks for your comment – I probably saw you there – I did briefly chat with one guy. Such a shame that you missed the start – I had my eyes glued! Bredgar Farm Shop sounds good – I’ll have to check it out! Cheers!

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