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  1. Hello
    I just got this bike from a secondhand shop(bristol bike proyect) and I’m having a hard time trying to find info about this bike on the internet…i just got an identical one…same colours and everything but looking through bikepedia i couldn’t find any model that match this…and apparently tcr 3 doesn’t exist at least not on aluxx frame…please if someone could help me will be much appreciated
    All that came up on my search was vinn’s bike idk


    1. Hi Yoan, thanks for your message. You have now got me wondering. Even though I no longer use it, I still have the bike. I just checked and there is no number anywhere on the frame, just “TCR”. I’m sure I worked it out to be a TCR 3 years ago. Anyway all I can tell you about it is this:

      I bought it in 2002. Frame size 50cm. Aluminium with carbon forks. Chain/brake set is Campagnolo Veloce 9 speed, triple chainring. Seat is Sella Italia. I paid around £1000 new. There was a special offer at the time and it came with a free carbon seat post (as in the photo above) which arrived in the post from Giant. Maybe it isn’t a TCR 3, but when I search for TCR 2, it keeps mentioning Shimano 105. So, it’s a mystery to me as well. Maybe contacting Giant might yield results.


      1. Thanks for your answer Vince
        Just to point out It’s my first road bike and it’s been great i definitely love the bike although i lack experience..I’m getting in to cycling and i just wanted to know a little bit more about mine
        I got it for £350 whit mostly shimano 105 but its a bit of a mixture for instance the shifter-brake handle its tiagra but 105 callipers…on the good side though everything on the drive train its like new i will try to match everything to 105…it’s that a good call?
        The paint its not very good so i think I’ll have some fun whit that in summer

        Anyway thanks again

        1. PS: doing research i think its definitely from 2001 series the only thing that doesn’t match its the colours and also the model…if you look on bikepedia the TCR’s from that year are very similar


          1. Thanks for the extra info Yoan. I found some specs on a Spanish website which match mine (with Campag) and it could well be a 2001 model.
            Good luck with your cycling

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