Friday Night Ride to the Coast – Whitstable

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Full English Breakfast
Almond slices

2 Replies to “Friday Night Ride to the Coast – Whitstable”

  1. Great write up as usual. Very friendly bunch on the ride with about 25 first time night riders and a few who had never cycled as much as the 67 mile route before. A few were the result of pub challenges – sometimes regretted at the start. I found the most challenging the sheer hours on the bike because of the slow (but advertised) pace and the sleep deprivation because although you resolve to sleep the afternoon before your mind is buzzing with logistic details. Al

    1. Thanks for comment Al.

      I applaud everyone who completed the ride, especially if it was their first time.

      Yeah, I was yawning all night until daylight I think, then I stopped yawning, so my body probably thought it had had some sleep!


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