All this week I have been cycling to work at Tonbridge, a round trip of about 25.5 miles. Back in the 80’s and 90’s I commuted into the City of London from the suburbs, wearing a pollution mask and sharing the roads with buses, lorries and taxis. Commuting through the lanes of Kent is a whole different experience!

All this week, the weather has been gloriously sunny, although the mornings have been a bit chilly (5°C on Tuesday morning). The trees haven’t got all their leaves yet and the rape fields are glowing resplendently. Every morning and every afternoon I have thought to myself “surely commuting doesn’t get much better than this!”

Morning ride
Morning ride
Evening crossing the Medway just south of Leigh
Evening crossing the Medway just south of Leigh

One evening I decided to have a ride around before heading for home:

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