Col de la Bataille

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4 Replies to “Col de la Bataille”

  1. Brings back memories of 19 years ago when Mrs D, our son (age 11) & I cycle camped across the Vercor. I had a ‘bob’ trailer on the back. After we climbed the Col Rouseau from Die I crashed on the descent, a result of said son nudging the ‘bob” and making it wobble. Within 5 minutes there was a doctor on the scene and within 15 an ambulance. Luckily I was ok and we continued the tour. Wonderful area and very little traffiic, even in August.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you were OK. You’re right – there is so little traffic in this paradise. Col de Rousset blog post coming up next! When you were there 19 years ago, did you get to ride Les Grands Goulets (closed since 2005) ?

      1. Yes. I rode a loop on my own, partly in a thunderstorm. Didn’t know it has been closed. Son visting and we have been reminiscing. On the same holiday we rode up the Ventoux-unladen.

        1. I envy your having done Les Grands Goulets. Many people lament its closure. There’s a long tunnel there now. Blog report coming in next few days…

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