Distance: 7.5 miles. Elevation: 960 ft

Just a quick ride in case the one I had planned for later in the day got rained off.

This was a short ride into the hills next to the campsite. The first mile or so was 7-8% climbing on the south side of the Bourne river with views of the gorge and the road on the other side. The gradient eased to about 5% for the rest of the ascent and then a lovely smooth descent (unlike yesterday). Very peaceful ride – only one car passed. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Near the centre of the photo you can see the three slots of the road to Presles I rode yesterday

At the top were lots of facilities: Picnic area, benches, shelter, toilets, free parking, information – gotta love France!

The roads were well-maintained. Not a pothole in sight. Unlike third-world conditions on UK roads!

Back down to the Bourne again

I hope this fisherman is tying a fly, and not using his mobile!


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