¼ of a Million Metres

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High5 Zero Sports
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7 Replies to “¼ of a Million Metres”

    1. I know. I have made a note to self: “Next time you plan a massive ride, don’t stick 2 ferry crossings in the middle of it!”

    1. Cheers Ben. You have to build up gradually, then pick a flat route, and make sure you properly stop to eat every so often.

      1. Indeed. I’ve done 100+ before but 250k?! Maybe by the end of the year.
        Great blog by the way – a constant source of route ideas!

  1. Vince,
    Brilliant blog. As the fellow traveller on this trip (and also the audax and night rides) could I add a few comments?
    There were many ” how’s the time going Al” requests, in fact almost as many as my ” are we nearly there yet, Vince?” requests from me.
    Vince is a great ride companion in that he plans the stops well and insists on taking a break. I’m more inclined to grab some food and drink and get back on, leading to earlier fatigue.
    Both of us have ( for this trip at least) well sorted positions and comfortable saddles and shoes which enabled us to endure – no enjoy! – a 13 hour jaunt.
    The route was brilliant except for the 5 mile bit through Basildon. This was fairly horrific, competing with desperate Essex home bound commuters on busy dual carriageways and roundabouts.

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