Vigo and Birling or “The Day After The Storm!”

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  1. Certainly seems like an entertaining ride! And I have made those mistakes before and ended up on similar dirt paths around this area. I now tend to see if there is a Google Street View for any routes I plan on RideWithGps – if there isn’t it usually means that you are off road! Good ride though! Some nice pictures too!



    1. Yeah cheers Ian, thanks for your comments. I keep forgetting to switch it to Driving when I’m mapping the route on rwgps instead of Cycling. Although sometimes you need it on Cycling to do things like get across Barming Bridge. For today’s ride I hovered the street-view man over the map and made sure that all my route was blue! Having said that, some of my most interesting rides have been when I’ve accidentally gone off-road, such as on the Isle of Sheppey!

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