Vigo Hill

 Date climbed  29th October 2013
 Elevation gain  244 feet
 Length  0.39 mile
 Duration  4.5 minutes

This hill is so steep that, even in a car, it is scary going down. In fact most drivers seem to take it quite slowly. I have only included figures here for Vigo Hill itself. Before you reach the beginning of the Vigo Hill bit, you have already climbed a comparatively easy 270 feet in 1.3 miles along Taylors Lane.

Vigo Hill
You can just see the bridge here and you can see that the gradient eases after the bridge because the white car is below the ‘horizon’

The sign at the bottom states 1:6, which is just under 17%, but the section just before you go under the bridge is at least 19% by all my calculations. If you believe the accuracy of the contour lines on the ordnance survey 1:25000 map, then it measures 25%! Whatever the true figure is, this hill ‘looks’ really steep, compared with, say, Lockyer’s Hill which doesn’t look that steep and yet is 25%. And I found riding up Vigo very very tough, much more so than Lockyer’s.

I climbed it on this ride, and I felt sick with the exertion, but that may have been due to other circumstances. I can’t wait to try it again to see how I do next time.

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