Tour of The Isle of Sheppey

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  1. A great and interesting blog. The only time you have to worry about cows is when they have calves as they can get quite aggressive protecting their offspring and even a bull is docile when running with cows.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It’s a good job I didn’t know that before, else I might not have gone through that field. Some of those were quite young – or at least quite small – I’m no cow expert.

  3. Great description – we did a Sheppey circular just yesterday and did it anticlockwise, starting with the nature reserve in the marshes. The rights of way past the prison complex seem a bit unclear, but we weren’t stopped and gates were open. Then a bit of main road before turning down to Harty ferry, lunch, then along the coast (through another reserve) to Shellness, then Leysdown, Minster, Sheerness and back down to the bridge before returning to Sittingbourne to catch the train back to London. We loved it, particularly for the variety of landscape and environs – the vastness of the open marshland vs the crowdedness of Leysdown promenade vs the seas of cars parked for import in the docklands south of Sheerness.
    In Elmley reserve the warden asked us to keep close to the sea wall so as to reduce disturbance to birds during nesting season (march to june).

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Sounds like you had a great day – your trip sounds more like a true ‘tour’ of the Isle compared to mine!

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