The Vale of Kent

An extenuating circumstance is some reason why you were hindered from performing at your very best.


  • “I got a pretty good time up Ditchling Beacon, but there was a strong headwind”
  • “I just got a PR up Ide Hill yet I was carrying a 2kg backpack”

… inferring that “… I could have done better under ideal conditions”

ECs allow you scope to improve next time, even if you put the same effort in!

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4 Replies to “The Vale of Kent”

  1. Well done Vince. I share your view on exercise temporarily “resetting” your brain to a more positive outlook.
    Its worth remembering that all the riders, (3 that I know of) including me, who have been pushed off were riding alone. If you are still worried try a Teentok camera to gather evidence.
    Since that episode, which left me uninjured, I have also suffered a fractured arm (2 years ago and my own fault) and managed to bounce back to an acceptable level of fitness at 73. So keep it up and I’m available most times for a joint ride if that would help at all.

    1. Cheers Al. Thanks for your words of encouragement as always. In fact, you are an inspiration and a benchmark for me; you make me realise what’s still possible. I’ll definitely take you up on the ride offer soon.

  2. Really good to see you popping up on Strava again – and blogging!
    Pertinent blog though, this one. I can most definitely relate to cycling stripping away some of the angst of life and the world in general, which does seem particularly awful at the moment, for the reasons you allude to. Keep it up, it’s done wonders for me.
    On a more positive note, carrying a few extra KGs might be advantageous while you’re building up again – means you’ll be more comfortable, and faster, when you shed them!
    Like Al I sometimes ride with a camera now just for peace of mind, but am yet to need to use any footage which I guess is reassuring.

    1. Cheers Ben. Thanks for your comments. You seem to be getting in some amazing performances lately. I’m very impressed.

      Yes, the extra weight improving my training hadn’t escaped me. I’m purposefully not riding my Colnago until I’m down to 76 kg. Then it will be a nice surprise I think. Then, as you say, the lighter I get, the easier it will be. I remember before when I lost weight, my hill times improved immensely and yet I’m sure I was not fundamentally any fitter. I guess power-to-weight ratio isn’t exactly rocket science – or is it!?!

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