Distance: 11 miles. Elevation: 1567 ft

I didn’t want to let this glorious day go by without a ride so I planned a short one to go and investigate that road I spotted yesterday to La-Croix-sur-Roudoule. It was only a ten mile ride, so I skipped some of my normal prep. I only took one bidon and one energy gel. I did eat a banana before leaving. I didn’t lotion up or wear my neck-protector or a base layer

I left at 3:30. The weather was glorious again – high 20’s, not a cloud in the sky. I rode all the way to the suspension bridge without stopping. Inevitably, because the sun was in a different place this late in the day, some of the views I had photographed yesterday were cast in a new light. I noticed that the bridge looked better, but I didn’t stop. I thought maybe I can still catch it on the way back.

I stopped and at the turn off and braced myself for the climb to La-Croix-sur-Roudoule.

The tunnel that fascinated me can be seen here, but it’s further away and higher up than it looks in this photo

It wasn’t the effort I was bracing for but the ‘fear’ factor. Google street view made this road look quite narrow and with a sheer drop to the right as it clung to the side of the hill. I started the climb. The gradient was fine.

Only a couple of cars passed. So I was able to ride well away from the edge. In fact the road was ok – not too scary at all. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story

A wonderful view of the bridge and the route I took yesterday
Here you can see as the road climbs up the opposite hill in the shade on its way to Saint Léger
Aha! This is where that gravel road would have emerged had I taken it on that ride from a few days ago. And I’m glad I hadn’t because it does climb up to here, as suspected, and going uphill on gravel is no fun on a road bike.
Coming into La Croix

It may not be a col sign, but it looks to be extremely accurate!

There was not a great deal to see there. A cluster of houses huddled around the church on top of a hill – usual fayre in these parts. Nice though.

You wouldn’t want to miss that right hand bend!

As I rode back through les Gorges de la Roudoule coming into Puget Théniers, I remembered that I’d referred to it as a ‘mini gorge’. Well everything is relative and I’d said that on the same day that I’d seen the massive Gorge de Cian, or at least a bit of it. Suffice to say that Gorges de la Roudoule makes Cheddar Gorge look like a crack in the pavement.

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