Canyon des Ecouges

Distance: 54.6 miles. Elevation: 6145 ft.

Col de Romeyère

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  1. Thanks for bringing this loop to my attention Vince. I rode the route yesterday and it really is spectacular once you get off the busy road to saint gervais. The road through the gorges du bourne was closed and will be until the 20th but opens after 17hrs and on weekends. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Martin. Thanks for the info. I’ve heard there are lights in the tunnel now? I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying riding in the Vercors. I have just this evening arrived in the Vosges for some more cycling and will be making my way south over the next few weeks. More blog posts will ensue!

      1. Yes the “black hole” has now been fully illuminated, although it must have been quite an experience in the dark! I discovered a bit late that the road closures are posted on the department website which is most helpful. I look forward to reading about your upcoming journey.

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