San Fairy Ann Audax 200k 2015

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2 Replies to “San Fairy Ann Audax 200k 2015”

  1. Well done Vince. I would have been with you except I undertook leading the Sunday clubrun. Next year maybe?
    I can help with battery backup of Garmins. I have an arrangement that backs up my Edge 500 (which has a 700mAh internal battery and lasts about 14hrs) with a 2500mAh external battery. Its a lithium battery pack 20mm dia , 70mmlong.

    That info on inner tube patches is interesting.


    1. Cheers Al. You can come next time! That lithium battery pack sounds interesting. It seems quite small – I have since bought a back-up battery pack that takes AA’s, which obviously has advantages, but it’s pretty big at 125x38x20mm.

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