Tunnel Mortier

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  1. Another excellent blog, Vince.
    Amazing the adventures you have after a bowl of porridge!
    Have you thought about a gravel bike or lightweight hardback mountain bike to broaden your adventures?

    1. Cheers Al.
      Yeah, I never have that much fun after muesli…

      I’ve certainly thought about 32mm tyres and disc brakes! So maybe a gravel bike. I’ve heard that MTBs can be quite dangerous!

      You never know though. There are certainly some excellent forest tracks around here.


  2. Hello.
    Thanks for the great info on your site.
    For anyone else using this page for info –
    We rode the tunnel last week (8 June 2023) and there has been significant rock fall and a landslide that has completely destroyed the road approx. 1 mile from the tunnel. Not passable by bike.

    1. Hi, Thanks for your comment and the useful information for others reading (and me!). I’m sorry you were not able to enjoy the complete route. Hopefully this route might open again one day. I’m surprised they hadn’t closed the tunnel like they have before.

      1. Addendum: after reading your strava post I realise that you climbed over the rockfall with you bikes! Nice one.

        1. We did climb over the rockfall and so were able to ride the tunnel. But it was pretty difficult and dangerous. I would not recommend that anyone tries the same.

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