Out of the rut

Distance: 13.8 miles. Elevation: 558 ft

It was a beautiful, sunny, day; but cold at 3°C.

It seems a bit ridiculous blogging such a short ride, but it’s a significant one as it breaks a ten-week cycling hiatus. That’s the longest time off my bike for years. And what’s worse is that there was no good reason for it. I didn’t have an injury, and I had been pretty fit at the time I stopped. A few events caused me to miss some rides. Then work got in the way. And the weather was the final nail in the coffin with the wettest December on record. But even all that shouldn’t have been enough to stop me riding. Somehow I had lost my mojo. I kept promising myself that I’ll go for a ride or get on the turbo, but it just didn’t happen. Today I almost forced myself out the door.

It had been such a long break that riding the bike actually felt weird at first! Luckily the old saying is true, and I hadn’t forgotten how to do it. By the end I had regained my confidence. And afterwards I felt fine physically. Mentally, I’m glad to have brought an end to the rut. I must continue to get out there and get myself back to fitness for all the events and rides I have planned for this season.

Ride notes:

Wear cap with low sun
For much of this ride I could barely see ahead of me, with the low sun causing massive glare in my goggles. A cycling cap under the helmet keeps your head warm and stops the glare.
Don’t forget ass-saver
Even if there’s only one wet road on the ride, an ass-saver will save the day (or your ass!)

7 Replies to “Out of the rut”

  1. Good work & hopefully the start to another epic year. Tell me about the lack of wanting to go out though. Even the MTB is an unattractive proposition in recent weather!

    1. Cheers Ben, looking forward to some epic rides, including some in Europe. Maybe we might even meet each other this year!

  2. Hi Vince, so pleased to hear you’re back on the road again! Don’t come down on yourself too hard opposite wet weather in December. Having said that, apparently there’s no excuse (good or bad) that’ll cover the remaining weeks. Good to hear you’re back out there again. Doug’s latest purchase, his electric bike, is still in the garage, simply because he can’t bring himself to admit that cycling’s over for the season. He parties in the garage a few evenings a week, looking at and polishing his bike! Must admit, it’s a lovely one. We bought some new accessories for it in Lindsay a couple of days ago. Keep at it, and I look forward to your next blog xx

  3. Well done Vince. I’ve done more kms on skis than on the bike this year – 230 according to my Garmin.
    See you soon on the bike

    Regards and Happy New Year from Obergurgl


    1. Cheers Al. I holidayed (sp?) in Obersdorf about 10 years ago, about 50 miles NW of where you are.
      Do you mean that you have 230k on skis?

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