Hollingbourne Hill Climb 2015

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  1. Well done! I resisted the temptation to enter that one on the basis that my current PB would have meant the timekeepers having to stay later than they would have wished!

    1. haha! Thanks. Even though it was sheer torture, I can see myself entering next year – at least it’s over with quickly. And now I’ve done it, I have a time to beat, instead of comparing myself to everyone else. But my real anger is at the hill itself. It just sits there, all smug, daring you to challenge it. And when you fail it just laughs in your face. I think I need help!

  2. Vince,

    Well done, brave effort. I think with your form you should have gone a little faster, but I would think that nerves played an important part. You are not race hardened by repeat tt performances throughout the season and also, maybe, you were intimidated more than you care to admit by your minute man.
    I have done quite a few hill climbs (many many years ago) and I would advise riding more tts during the season to get used to the adrenelin rush as well as practising more on the actual hill before hand.
    Anyway, you would have beaten me by at least 40 seconds, even if I had a good day.

    1. Cheers for your comments Al. Wise words. I think you’re right about the nerves. I had been intending to do more TTs this year, and more audaxes, but time goes by so fast, I didn’t get a chance. Work keeps getting in the way!

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