Just a quick post. Rode to Hastings today. The Met Office radar showed showers all across Kent and Sussex but I took a chance and managed to get there dry! Every other time I have cycled there I have got wet. It was very windy though, and that added a bit to the time, although I did clock up a few PBs on Strava including one for Stonestile Lane. The data from my Garmin reported a top speed of over 50 mph! I do remember going very fast at one point but I’m not sure I would have been going that fast on that particular piece of road – I’ll have to compare with other trips.

Once again my Garmin had recorded bad elevation data and according to it I was frequently cycling at 150 feet below sea level! When I got home I researched this issue and found that you are supposed to switch the unit on and give it 5 minutes or so to calibrate before setting off. I tried that this evening and sure enough it did get more accurate after leaving it a while. I must remember to do this before every ride. I also found out that the altimeter is affected by temperature – which explains why, when I stop at a café and put it in my pocket, it seems to think I have ascended 150 feet while I have been drinking my coffee!

This is the first ride with my new pedals, which I fitted last night. They were great – I soon got used to the slightly different way of clipping in.


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