Groundhog Day

A forerunner of radar, acoustic mirrors were built on the south and northeast coasts of England between about 1916 and the 1930s. The ‘listening ears’ were intended to provide early warning of incoming enemy aeroplanes and airships about to attack coastal towns. With the development of faster aircraft the sound mirrors became less useful, as an aircraft would be within sight by the time it had been located, and radar finally rendered the mirrors obsolete.


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  1. Absolutely lovely photos. I want to try this route now, but obviously without having to descend on my bottom dragging the bike with me – the thought of you doing that made me laugh out loud. btw – looking at the photos of sandwich bay – no that wasn’t the bird reserve that I visited but I have done part of that route on the bike.

  2. Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I didn’t take any photos in the bird reserve bit. It’s a great ride. Try to do it when there’s an easterly wind otherwise it will be sheer hell along the seafront. You could always do it in reverse if you had a westerly.

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