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100 Greatest Cycling Climbs

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  1. I had 57 poorly paced miles in the legs, was out of water and had a rear derailleur that refused to shift into my 28T chainring (my old bike had a 14-28T cassette and a 48/34 chainset), so I was stuck in 34/26 on this climb. Safe to say, I did not manage to make much progress at all and ended up stopping about 8 times on the way up. But I did not walk. Ditchling, ever since, is a climb I give a lot of respect to.

    I will need to do this again on my current bike to see if I can one shot it. Surely it cannot be that hard and I just got stuff badly wrong on my first attempt.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I would definitely give it another go. Sounds like you had a host of factors against you that day. Good luck!

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