Chalkpit Lane

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  1. I did this climb for the first time today having somehow managed to miss it despite having ridden in this area for years. It’s certainly a nice one that I’ll be taking in more in future. I’d rate it higher than Toys (south side) purely because the road surface is infinitely better.

    Until you get past the village, the surface of Toys is pretty awful, but Chalkpit is smooth from top to bottom. This marks it out as different to other steep climbs in the area such as Yorks Hill and White Lane too.

    1. Thanks for your comments Adi. I agree. The surface of Toys is very bad at the bottom – dangerous on the descent and very distracting on the climb. I’ll have to have another go at both these hills soon!

  2. The difficulty difference between Toys and Chalkpit to me is clear enough from the fact I managed to do Toys with only 1 breather (to drink water) having already cycled 50 miles, whereas even with only 15-20 miles done, I need 2 stops on Chalkpit at least. Almost always one just after the bend and another just after the 16% slog. Chalkpit is a climb so awful that I am considering getting a 34T rear cassette (currently have a 30T) just so I actually have some room to spin rather than be forced into an exhausting grind whenever I get to it. The only other climb that has done that to me is the Titsey-White Lane climb starting from Pilgrims lane, which averages 13% and maxes at 25%, but for some reason feels easier than Chalkpit. I would be interested in your opinion on that climb.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I think you’re right – Chalkpit is tougher than Toys. I did the White Lane climb but from the top of Titsey, not the bottom. It was on the same day as Chalkpit, above. You can read about the whole ride in this post: Head for the Hills

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