Distance: 40.8 miles. Elevation: 1827 ft.

It was a beautiful warm, calm day with a sort of hazy sun. In fact it was the Spring equivalent of that day back in September. But now all nature was not in such a sleepy mood; more like a frenzy of activity. Birds were in full song and various small animals were scuttling around getting ready for the new season.

I was getting ready for the new season too and wore my shorts for the first time this year! Temperature was about 18°C with virtually no wind. I decided to ride a route that I did a couple of weeks ago, this time with a bit more gusto!

It was one of those days that made you feel good to be alive! The English countryside looked beautiful in the Spring sunshine. I completed the ride at an average of 16 mph and achieved several PRs on Strava. Even my time up Barn Hill was my 4th fastest ever, probably because I was desperately trying to hang on to a 16+ mph average. It had been 16.4 near the end of the ride, whittled away to 16.3 at the bottom of Barn Hill. While climbing, I occasionally glanced down at my Garmin and saw the average speed dropping. Luckily I managed to hang on to 16.0 mph by the time I reached the top. I guess my knee must be getting better!

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St Michael and All Angels Church, Marden
St Michael and All Angels Church, Marden

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