Hastings for Father’s Day

The weather forecast said it would be dry in most places. Well, it started raining near Marden and didn’t let up until about 5 miles from Hastings. It was only fine rain really – enough to get me a bit damp, but the roads didn’t get wet enough to cause splashing. What I was mainly concerned with is the fact that it made my legs cold and I didn’t want to ask too much of cold muscles, especially my knees.

Despite the rain, and the slight headwind, and the fact that I was carrying a 2.1kg backpack (yes, I did weigh it! I have to measure things) filled with a change of clothes, I beat my previous Hastings run by almost 15 minutes! I am well-pleased with that time. The route was slightly different from the last Hastings run in that I included Stonestile Lane which was challenging enough to be put on my list of tough climbs.

Once in Hastings I got changed at my brother’s house and walked briskly from West Hill down to the sea front. I had a lovely meal with my mum, dad, bro and his gf. Then we went for a walk on the beach. Then walked all the way back again. Then I had to ride home again! I was really sluggish on the ride home after all that exercise. I only had one JB and one energy gel for the ride home (I hadn’t had any food on the ride there), so I had to ration them. JB after 10 miles and energy gel about 8 miles from home. The weather by now was absolutely beautiful – sunny and calm. Some of the evening views from that route are stunning.


The low evening sun really showed off the landscape and in the wooded sections I was constantly aware of the beautiful aroma of dappled sunlight.  Eventually I made it home and managed to drag myself up Barn Hill.

Bloody knackered!

When I got home my son gave me a Father’s Day card that he had made (without Photoshop!)


While writing this post I got cramp in my leg. That’s the first time that’s ever happened; it shows how much I pushed it today.

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