Carter’s Hill (aka One Tree Hill)

 Date climbed  28th April 2013
 Elevation gain  336 feet
 Length  0.6 mile
 Duration  6 minutes

I remember the first time I saw One Tree Hill. It was on a ride back from Ide Hill and as I passed near Underriver my route turned right but as I looked to the left I saw a large house on the top of a hill and I couldn’t believe how high it looked. You had to almost crane your neck up to see it. I made a note to check it out when I got home.

Well I did check it out and found that it was Carter’s Hill, although everyone seems to know it as One Tree Hill. It has enough of a reputation that I was able to find several cycling-based references to it on the web. I became intrigued. I had to try it.

There is a false start to this climb. In fact it even descends briefly before the good bit kicks in. And kick in it does, ramping up steadily getting ever steeper as it twists and turns its way up to Fawke Common. The section just before the end hits 17.5% gradient for about 600 ft, before it eases back to 10% to the finish.

It’s a good one. There is a sportive called the Circuit of Kent that features this hill at the end of a 80+ mile ride. That’s just cruel!

carters hill2

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